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Flash info #2 : 4 Matières Premières

03 janvier 2023 Actus Membres
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La SFP présente
4 matières premières mises en évidence


Phenethyl Acetate 98%  

// 103-45-7 


Producteur : Naturamole


Note olfactive : Douce


Type de produit : Naturel


Description : Widely used in perfume compositions, from everyday soap and detergent perfumes to fine cosmetic fragrances, room-sprays, deodorants, and almost any type of perfumes - and what's wonderful is that it can also be used for flavor-making, as our product is Food Grade / Kosher / Halal as well -. It has a sweetness and versatility that is almost applicable universally. 


Main Uses: For Floral, Sweet, Greenish, Oriental and even Citrusy fragrance types, it can be used at high concentrations (15%) or lesser concentration (10% - 1%).


Ginger oil // 8007-08-7


Producteur : Oqema Rotterdam BV


Famille olfactive : Epicé


Type de produit : Naturel


Description : Ginger Essential Oil (CAS #: 8007-08-7), known as the oil of empowerment, is extracted from Rhizomes of Zingiber Officinalis, through distillation. Ginger Oil has a characteristic strong, warm, and spicy aroma. Applications range from aromatherapy and cosmetics, to flavour and fragrances. OQEMA offers qualities from various geographical locations providing unique olfactory properties.


Cuir HF 601648 // 


Producteur : Synarome


Famille olfactive : Cuiré


Type de produit : Base & Spécialité


Description : Created by Hubert Fraysse in 1926, this specialty starts with a fresh citrus top fused with sophistacated leather. The floral and luminous heart gathers refined orris and violet notes with a spicy touch, rounded of by precious woods and musky tones. It gives body and hold characted to warm notes. It blends well with rose, neroli, chypre, tobacco and oud notes. Why do we love it? This leathery note was insipred by Hubert Fraysse (HF) during a training session to the Hermès workshops..


HE JASMIN EGYPTE // 84776-64-7


Producteur : A. FAKHRY & Co.


Famille olfactive : Floral Jasmin


Type de produit : Naturel


Description : ESSENTIAL OIL OF JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM BY A. FAKHRY & CO. AF&Co. is proud to present its world premiere essential oil of Jasmine grandiflorum by steam distillation. Jasmine oil (as many other grand florals, i.e Rose centifolia, Tuberose, Carnation, Cassie, Honeysuckle, Lily-of-the Valley, etc.) has remained elusive for millennia, described even as impossible to obtain in the literature as it seemed its components were destroyed in the distillation process. AF&Co. started working on the matter since 1999… and at the end of 2019 it had its breakthrough. Today the company produces and commercializes 250-300 kg of Jasmine EO per year. The oil offers all the facets missing in the absolute, all those notes one experiences when walking in a Jasmine field but which do not transcribe in the absolute: extremely volatile, top note, freshly floral, wet, marine, fruity pear and ‘mirabelle’ (yellow plum), some banana, green, ylang-ylangy, dry-out is very stable and astonishingly long on the smelling strip.

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