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The International Perfumer-Creator® Award 

07 January 2019 Actus Membres
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Ever since the year 1957, the SFP has actively encouraged perfumers to freely express their creativity.



The Award honors the author of a perfume whose olfactive form is distinguished by its original character and esthetic value.


For the 2019 Award, the theme is:


“Create a fragrance with a tobacco heart

that evokes the spirit of ‘Adventurers’,

Light and shadow, exoticism, and the unexpected.

The yearnings of a voyage to far off places. The lure of new worlds.”


The Award is open to all persons less than 35 years of age, (born before January 1, 1984), to all nationalities, residing in France or abroad, and to members and non-members of the SFP.


The Award will be given to the creator of a perfume whose olfactive form is distinguised by its original character. All imitations of known perfumes will be disqualified.


Candidates must send their submission to the SFP office, post marked no later than January 9, 2019.  


The Award will be presented at the SIMPPAR Exhibition which will take place June 5 and 6, 2019 in Paris.


The winner will remain the owner of his or her Perfume and its formula. 


The perfumer will be allowed to use the title, « Winner of The International Perfumer-Creator® Award 2019 » in his or her professional life.


The complete rules and regulations are attached to this document.  They are also available on the SFP webisite,  and through the office of the SFP. 

Best regards,

La Commission du Prix International du Parfumeur-Créateur




36, rue du Parc de Clagny • 78000 Versailles

Tél. : 33(0)1 39 55 84 34




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