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23 September 2013 Prix parfumeur
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 SFP encourages the perfume creators to express their creativity as freely as they want. The Prize rewards the creator of the fragrance with the most original character. Any imitation of an already known perfume will be dismissed.


The Prize is awarded by a combination of 2 juries named for this occasion without prejudice and on the basis that the perfumes submitted have an aesthetic value judged satisfactory.


The fragrance submitted for the 2014 award has to have a line of the

Natural Absolue Blackcurrant Bud (Bourgeon de Cassis  )


This submission has no price limit but must comply to current IFRA guidelines. In case of non respect of the rules, SFP will not take responsibility. The fragrance will be submitted in alcoholic solution at any desired concentration and should be a free creation, belonging to any olfactive family.


An analysis of the wnnning fragrance could be made to certify the use of Natural Blackcurrant bud.


If a Perfumer wins the prize twice, he/she will be declared out of the competition and may participate in the next jury if he/she wants.


The winner ("laureate") keeps ownership of his/her fragrance and formula and may use it professionally with the title :








The competition is open to people under 35 of any nationality, living in France or in other countries, Member of SFP or not.


All candidates must declare in writing that they participate in this year's competition according to 3 conditions :

            - They are submitting only one reference

            - It is their own personal creation

            - It is not available on any market


The candidate undertakes to give to SFP further samples of the perfume that may be needed to promote it through SFP (Osmothèque, presentation for the prize-giving)

All candidates undertake to respect the current rules. No complaints will be accepted or reviewed.





The candidates should submit or send their submissions to the SFP secretary no later than

the 7th of January 2014, the postmark serving as official date.






The candidates should submit or send to the SFP secretary on January the 7th latest


- One unmarked bottle of 150 ml of solution (without sign of any company or other distinguishing mark). On the bottle there will be a reference with 3 letters and 1 number which will serve to identify the candidate.


- A closed envelope which has on the outside the same reference (3 letters, 1 number). Inside this envelope, the candidate will mention his/her name, address, telephone number, mail address and a signed declaration of honour as outlined in article 2.






The Prize is anonymous. Only the name of the winner will be announced.






The Prize amount is : 2000 Euros for 2014








A technical jury prepares the selection of fragrances for the artistic jury. It has to eliminate the

submissions without original character.


It is composed of an odd number of senior perfumers (5 minimum, 9 maximum) and 2 Evaluators more than 35 years old and therefore ineligible for the competition. It is made of 2 perfumers coming from and selected by the technical commission of SFP, along with perfumers chosen from the members of SFP and proposed by the competition committee. The members of this jury must be approved by the board Director of SFP.


The jury will have a meeting in an unknown place in the presence of member of competition committee who will not participate in the vote and who will ensure the observations of the rules and procedures.

The chairman of the jury is a perfumer assigned by the board director and proposed by the competition committee. The chairman participates in the vote and has the deciding voice in case of dispute.


The number of votes to select a fragrance is the majority plus one vote.


The envelopes marked outside with the references which are not selected, could be opened to check any double should be destroyed after  the meeting.


The members of the technical jury will have a meeting during one morning to select a minimum of three candidates for the artistic jury and maximum of six.






The artistic jury evaluates the submissions selected by the technical jury following the procedure mentioned in article 1.


It is made up of a number of odd members (7 minimum, 11 maximum)


            - The President of technical jury

            - The President of SFP

            - 2 senior perfumers more than 35 years old (who have not participated in the technical


            - Personalities coming from the world of arts, letters, culture or business.


The chairman of the jury is a perfumer designated by the board Director and proposed by the competition committee. The competition committee forms the jury which must be approved by the board Director of SFP.


The members of the jury receive a sample of each submission a minimum 2 weeks before the prize-giving in the presence of a member of the competition committee not involved in the vote and who will ensure the observation of the rules and procedures of the competition.

At the beginning of the meeting, the members will advise the President of the jury of the 3 candidates they have selected. The President proceeds to a first vote to determine the 3 best fragrances in order of choice, who will be the 3 finalists. Then he proceeds to a second vote to select the winner. The number of votes to select this winner is the majority plus one vote. If no submission obtains the required number of votes, the President invites the members to discuss, vote and so on.


If after several votes and discussion no finalist achieves the required votes for the prize, the President of the jury will be allowed to attribute a special prize from the jury.


Following the final choice of the winner, it will be mentioned on the relevant envelope  "Winner". This envelope will be transmitted sealed to a Member of the prize award committee. The envelope will be unsealed and witnessed by the President of SFP. The prize award committee commits itself to keep confidential the name of the winner till the prize is announced at  the award ceremony and to advise the winner only.


Other envelopes remaining closed will be destroyed in the presence of the jury immediately at the end of the meeting.


Any person with the knowledge of a candidate or perfume submitted agrees to not be a member of either jury.






SFP pledges to promote the winner ("laureate") through :


            -  A solemn prize-giving during the “ WPC 2014 in Deauville / France”


            -   All other methods (Press, Presence at other external SFP events, TV, National



-   The integration of the perfume in the “Osmothèque”





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